Talking about love in the Telegraph

My husband and I are featured on the cover of the Sunday Telegraph’s lifestyle today, “Against my will, choice and better judgment I found myself helplessly in love: four couples explain how fundamental differences in personality, lifestyle or upbringing have not stood in the way of happiness.” (Paywall alert. Mom, is that you? I’m sending you copies!)

Mia and Rob Livingston in the Sunday Telegraph. Photo by Clara Molden

If you’re new to my site, welcome! I’ve been writing here at least once every three years, but things have been going so well that I’m ramping up to possibly double or even triple that. Feel free to subject yourself to my TEDx about love, mailing list and blog posts (on the right if you’re on a computer, or below if you’re on a phone). There’s also my bio, twitter, and contact info – I’d love to hear from you – and my most recent post about a Zen monk who quotes Ruby Wax.

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13. February 2022 by Mia

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