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Where’s home?

As a “Third Culture Kid” one of the hardest — and saddest — questions to answer, is also one of the most common: “Where are you from?” I interrogate the meaning of ‘home’ in an essay for the Journal of … Continue reading

25. May 2022 by Mia


Talking about love in the Telegraph

My husband and I are featured on the cover of the Sunday Telegraph’s lifestyle today, “Against my will, choice and better judgment I found myself helplessly in love: four couples explain how fundamental differences in personality, lifestyle or upbringing have … Continue reading

13. February 2022 by Mia


Make A Wish Like A Zen Monk

Last New Year’s Eve, I was moved by a talk that a Zen monk gave about how to make a wish. It struck me as a skill that everyone could benefit from, and not just at New Year’s, so he … Continue reading

10. February 2022 by Mia