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The Map To Where I Live Journal of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, Summer 2022

Heartbroken, I moved to a monastery The Guardian and the Daily Mail, 2010

What is love? TEDxDouglas, Nov 2014

Enlightenment is where you least expect it  Huffington Post, Sep 2014


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Featured in the Sunday Telegraph, Against My Will, Choice and Better Judgment I Found Myself Helplessly In Love: couples explain how their differences don’t stand in the way of happiness. February 2022

How Online Zen Retreats Are Helping Me Get Through Lockdown, inaugural issue of The Breakdown, 2020

Three Weeks in Madagascar and Don’t Mention Eat Pray Love, Rebellious Tourist, 2019

Buddhist Practice and Relationships, Journal of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, Autumn 2018

Quoted as a therapist in ‘Expat Guilt’, Global Times 2017

Ghosts in The Wisdom of Not-Knowing: Essays on psychotherapy, Buddhism and life experience, Triarchy Press 2016

Facebook censors women’s voices Huffington Post, 2014

Advice to a 20-year-old self  (abridged from blog) Huffington Post, 2014

Mixing faiths interview by Jumoke Fashola on BBC Radio, 2014 (6 mins.)

This could be just the tonic for the stressed-out, Isle of Man News, 2014

The intelligent body Manx Tails, 2013

NHS recognises that mindfulness meditation is good for depression The Guardian, 2013

Men and women at the monastery The Guardian, 2013

Christmas can be very Zen The Guardian, December 2012

A Buddhist Christmas interviewed on BBC Radio London, 2012 (7 mins)

What’s Zen meditation? Gallery, 2012

Engaged Buddhism, Network of Engaged Buddhists journal, 2011

Zen and social media Journal of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, 2011

From the monastery to the Isle of Man Manx Life, 2011

Editor, The Buddhist Society’s journal 2010-11

Time Out London’s annual guide to alternative health, in Time Out Health & Fitness 2007

Literary Critic Time Out London 2006-08, including Interview with Charles Frazier

Columnist Thailand Time Out 2002-03, including The New Man

Travel writer, Aftonbladet 2002-03

On Being Eurasian, Elle Thailand 2003

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