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Online Zen retreats during Covid

I wrote a thing about online Zen retreats during Covid, on the front page of the inaugural issue of mental health magazine The Breakdown. Hope you enjoy it, feel free to read and share.

03. December 2020 by Mia


From Astronauts To Psychotherapy

I’m happy to report that my TEDx talk on love has now reached more than 2,000 views!  (Update in 2020: 400K+.)  Click here if you prefer to read a transcript.  If you’re up for an easy challenge, play spot-the-resemblance in this talk … Continue reading

06. August 2015 by Mia


Q&A: Where should I study Buddhism?

“Hi, I was thinking about a long term stay in a monastery, but I have absolutely no idea which ones are most suitable for me. I know that there are several kinds of ways in which the Monks live and guide … Continue reading

08. January 2015 by Mia


What is Love? TEDx

I had great fun making this TEDx talk, I hope you’ll enjoy it. Transcript: “My parents met against all the odds. My father was born in Sweden, my mother in the Philippines. They lived 6,000 miles apart. They were born … Continue reading

19. December 2014 by Mia


Advice to a 20-year-old self

Yesterday I was asked by a young Buddhist, “what advice would you give to your 20-year-old self, when you were just starting on the path?”  I answered, Zen doesn’t mean that nothing matters. Money matters, work matters, every little interaction … Continue reading

05. August 2014 by Mia


How to enter a Zen monastery

Hi, I’m an 18-year-old recent high school graduate from France. I remember your article about staying in a Zen temple for a year. I am looking to do something similar. Could you tell me how you set that up, what … Continue reading

18. September 2013 by Mia


Cleaning the toilets

At 8am every morning at the monastery, after an hour’s meditation and the morning ceremony, it was “temple clean up” time. Teams were dispatched with mops and buckets to the cloisters, cupboards, common rooms, Master’s vestibule, the Ceremony Hall and … Continue reading

12. December 2012 by Mia