I’m a licensed therapist, teacher and journalist. Currently I’m focussing on writing and on psychotherapy research.

In addition to psychology I’ve always been drawn to two subjects: Zen Buddhism and relationships. I’ve written a bit more about the attraction in this journal. In 2008 I studied for a year at a Zen monastery. My work has been featured in TEDx, The Guardian, the BBC, and as editor to the Buddhist Society. Previously I’ve worked as a model, human rights researcher, documentary filmmaker, and dance and arts educator.

I was born in southern Sweden to a Swedish dad and a Filipina mom, both scientists, in the 70s. They shared a love for travel, so I was lucky to grow up in both their countries as well as in Zimbabwe and Indonesia. I’ve since worked and lived in France, the UK, the Isle of Man, Canada, Ghana, Jordan, Syria, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Needless to say, I’m interested in conflict resolution and the multicultural perspective. At the moment I’m based out of Beijing with my husband, and I have four amazing stepkids.

I’m a member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and have post graduate diplomas in Counselling, Journalism, Education, an MA in Comparative Literature, and a BA in Law and Development Studies (University of London).